From resizing and repairs to redesigns and custom work, Gold Crest Jewellery looks forward to helping you! With over 3 generations of experience, we can help you to bring your old ring back to life, or breathe life into a new one!

We also offer certain services on Saturdays while you wait, call ahead to schedule your appointment!


If you were gifted a piece of jewellery in the wrong size, we are here to help! Gold Crest Jewellery can adjust the size ensure that it fits perfectly.


Although jewellery is sturdy and long-lasting, accidents can happen and leave your favourite necklace chipped or damaged. Not to worry! Our team can repair your jewellery back to its original state.

Redesigning Pieces

Have you fallen out of love with a piece of jewellery you got 20 years ago? Rather than buying something new, we can help you redesign it and transform it into something new!

Custom Design Work

To be truly unique and show off your sense of style, you should consider making your own piece of jewellery. The team at Gold Crest is excited to help you design your masterpiece!